Judge Orders Man to Remove “Psycho Ex-Wife” Blog

A Pennsylvania judge ordered a man to shut down an internet blog that he used to talk trash about his ex-wife.

Anthony Morelli started writing about his bitter divorce with his wife in 2007 on a blog called ThePsychoExWife.com. Morelli’s blog attracted more than 200,000 views a month. Although he never named his ex-wife or children on the blog, he called his ex-spouse a “‘f—ing psycho’” and a “‘black-out drunk.’”

Morelli vowed to fight the court order on the grounds that it violates his free speech rights and the 14th Amendment. He has taken down the blog, but started a new one called SaveThePsychoExWifeBlog.com. Morelli is soliciting donations to help with his legal fees.

Source: Time, “‘Psycho Ex-Wife’ Blog Starts Free-Speech Fight in Court,” Vanessa Ko, August 11, 2011

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