Kentucky County Publishes List of “Deadbeat” Parents

A Louisville-area county published the names of 3,995 people who are delinquent with their child support payments in a local newspaper advertisement. This is the sixth year that Jefferson County has published a list in an effort collect child support.

Each year, the list of “deadbeat” parents leads to hundreds of phone calls and tips on the whereabouts of the listees. County Attorney Mike O’Connell says that last year’s list helped locate 4,000 people and collect $2.1 million in child support.

This year’s listees owe more than $88 million in child support. To make the list, a child support debtor must be at least six months delinquent and have a case being audited by the state. The County Attorney’s office has designated September as “Child Support Awareness Month.”

Source:, “Names of 3,995 who owe back child support to be published Sunday,” Joseph Lord, August 26, 2011

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