Court Rebuffs Woman’s Efforts to Reunite with Abandoned Child

An Illinois judge has ruled that a 2 year old boy who was abandoned by his mother should remain in foster care.

Nunu Sung, 26, gave birth to the boy in June 2009 outside near her home in Wheaton and abandoned him under some bushes. Sung was convicted of obstruction of justice for lying to police about the incident and is set to be released from prison in January. The child was placed with a foster family shortly after he was born.

Sung, who is a refugee from Myanmar, seeks reunification with her son. Judge C. Stanley Austin ruled in March that she had not made sufficient progress towards reuniting with the child. Sung’s lawyers unsuccessfully tried to reverse the judge’s ruling in August and argued that Sung’s efforts have been hindered by her incarceration.

The child’s court-appointed attorney has filed a petition to terminate Sung’s custody and a hearing to decide whether to end her parental rights has been set for October. According to authorities, the boy’s biological father lives in Texas and has shown no interest in exercising his parental rights.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Abandoned child stays in foster care, judge rules,” Clifford Ward, August 31, 2011

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