Child Welfare Agency Takes Kids Away from Daniel Baldwin’s Estranged Wife

Oregon’s Department of Human Services removed Daniel Baldwin’s children from the care of his estranged wife Joanne on Wednesday night.

Baldwin says that the Department removed his daughters from his wife’s home due to “multiple…improprieties” and concerns for their welfare. Joanne has served 10 days in jail for violating her probation for a DUI.

Baldwin filed for divorce in July and obtained a restraining order against Joanne after she threatened to slit his throat. The actor dropped his divorce suit in August in an effort to reconcile with her.

Joanne filed for divorce a week ago and sought sole custody of the couple’s two daughters as well as $4,000 per month in child support and a million dollar life insurance policy for the girls’ benefit.

The couple married in July 2007. This is Baldwin’s third marriage.

Source: ABC News, “Daniel Baldwin’s Kids Removed from Estranged Wife’s Home,” October 21, 2011

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