Kim Kardashian – Kris Humphries Annulment Trial Expected in Early 2013

A Los Angeles County judge told attorneys for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to return to court in mid-February to set a trial date on Humphries’ request for annulment. If the case is ready for trial by then, a trial could happen in early 2013.

Kardashian and Humphries were married in August 2011 in Montecito, California. The wedding reportedly cost $10 million. Kardashian filed for divorce in October 2011 after only 72 days of marriage and Humphries sought an annulment on the ground of fraud, alleging that Kardashian never intended to be married to him.

Laura Wasser, Kardashian’s divorce lawyer, told Superior Court Judge Stephen Moloney that Kardashian feels “handcuffed” to Humphries and believes that there is no reason why the divorce cannot be quickly resolved given the short duration of the parties’ marriage.

Humphries attorney, Marshall Waller, indicated that he was still in the process of obtaining documents from E! Entertainment and NBC Universal. Kardashian’s mother (Kris Jenner) and current boyfriend (Kanye West) have already been deposed, but Waller has yet to take Kardashian’s deposition.

Wasser said, “I don’t think [that Humphries] has a fraud case.” “I think there’s a fishing expedition going on here.”

Source: Wall Street Journal, “Kim Kardashian divorce inches toward trial,” Anthony McCartney (Associated Press), November 28, 2012

Actress Mayim Bialik Files for Divorce

“Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik has filed for divorce against her husband Michael Stone.

Bialik filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Bialik is seeking joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s two sons.

Bialik and Stone were married in 2003. The actress announced the couple’s split on November 21st on her parenting blog.

Source:, “Mayim Bialik Officially Files for Divorce,” November 29, 2012

“West Wing” Star Files for Legal Separation

Actor Dule Hill has filed for legal separation from his wife Nicole Lyn.

Hill and Lyn were married in July 2004 and separated in July 2012. The couple does not have any children.

In California, a legal separation is similar to a divorce in that assets are divided and the court will determine issues such as spousal support, child custody and visitation, and child support. Legal separation is an attractive alternative to divorce for couples who want to lead separate lives but remain married for religious reasons or to hold onto to their insurance benefits.

Legal separation is also available to couples who do not meet California’s residency requirements for divorce (6 months of residency in California and 3 months in the county adjudicating the legal separation proceedings). Once the residency requirements are met, a couple can amend their petition to seek a divorce.

Source:, “ ‘West Wing’ star Files for Legal Separation,” November 27, 2012

Terrence Howard and Wife Reach Divorce Settlement

Actor Terrence Howard has reached a divorce settlement with his estranged wife.

Howard and Michelle Ghent married in 2010 and have no children together. Ghent filed for divorce in 2011 and accused Howard of domestic violence. Ghent obtained a restraining order against Howard, but the couple agreed that the order will expire next week.

Source:, “Terrence Howard & Ex Settle Bitter Divorce Battle, November 23, 2012

Marc Anthony is Paying $16,500 in Monthly Child and Spousal Support to Ex-Wife

Singer Marc Anthony is paying his ex-wife Dayanara Torres $3,500 per month in spousal support and $13,000 per month in child support, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

Anthony and Torres were married in 2000 in Las Vegas and divorced in 2004. The couple has two sons. A judge in the Dominican Republic issued the spousal and child support order in 2004 and Torres, who recently moved to the United States, filed the order in Los Angeles Superior Court for enforceability purposes.

A week after the couple’s divorce was finalized, Anthony married Jennifer Lopez. Torres is a former Miss Universe and won the beauty pageant in 1993.

Source:, “Marc Anthony – My Hot Ex-Wife Costs Me $16,500 a Month,” November 18, 2012

Florida Woman Going Through Divorce Spray Paints Broken Hearts on Courthouse

A Florida woman going through a contentious divorce vandalized a new $350 million courthouse with spray paint.

Audrey Dostie, 35, spray painted the courthouse columns and sidewalk with broken hearts, the letters “AA,” “Free Us,” and a message to her judge that read “F Judge James Ruth.”

Dostie’s husband recently applied for a restraining order against her and the couple was fighting over custody of their son. Police say that she then went to her husband’s business and vandalized it.

Source:  Miami New Times, “Florida Woman Going Through Divorce Spray Paints Broken Hearts All Over Jacksonville’s New $350M Courthouse,” Kyle Munzenrieder, November 19, 2012

New York Woman Overturns Dead Husband’s Secret Divorce

An elderly New York woman still mourning the death of her husband discovered that he secretly divorced her 8 years ago while going through his belongings.

Vivian Pitt Dowers was married to David Dowers, a Columbia University janitor, for over 30 years. Mr. Dowers died of natural causes in February 2011.

While going through her husband’s things, the widow found a briefcase under a bed containing divorce papers from 2002 claiming abandonment. Cut out of her husband’s pension and a $44,000 life insurance pay-out, Dowers enlisted the help of the Legal Aid Society’s Brooklyn Office for the Aging and sought to invalidate the secret divorce.

Dowers’ lawyer, Roger Hawke, was able to prove that she was never served with divorce papers. Mr. Dowers filed a proof of service with the court that listed an address in Brooklyn that did not exist.

In October, a judge ruled that the divorce was fraudulent and Dowers received the life insurance payment. She also expects to receive her husband’s pension money. The divorce was invalidated over the objection of Mr. Dowers’ children from a prior relationship that stood to inherit his estate.

Source: New York Post, “Brooklyn woman finds husband divorced her eight years before his death,” Erin Calabrese and Josh Saul, November 19, 2012

Danica Patrick Announces Plans to Divorce on Facebook

NASCAR driver and model Danica Patrick announced that she and Paul Hospenthal are planning to divorce.

Patrick made the announcement today on her Facebook page: “I am sad to inform my fans that after 7 years, Paul and I have decided to amicably end our marriage.”

The couple met when Hospenthal (who’s a physical therapist) helped Patrick recover from a hip injury in 2002.

Source: SF, “Danica Patrick files for divorce,” November 21, 2012

“Big Bang Theory” Star Announces Plans to Divorce

Actress Mayim Bialik announced today that she and her husband are getting divorced.

Bialik and Michael Stone have been married for 9 years. The couple has two sons: Miles (age 7) and Frederick (4).

Bialik made the announcement on her Jewish parenting blog. The “Big Bang Theory” star is a proponent of “attachment parenting” but maintains that the couple’s parenting style had nothing to do with their split: “The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision; relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose.”

Source: ET Online, “Mayim Bialik Announces Divorce,” Antoinette Bueno, November 21, 2012