Usher’s Ex-Wife Seeks Custody of Kids After Swimming Pool Incident

The ex-wife of Usher is seeking full custody of their two children after one of their sons almost drowned in the hip-hop artist’s swimming pool.

Tameka Foster filed documents in Fulton County, Georgia, for an emergency hearing to get full custody of both children. Usher currently has primary custody and Foster has limited custody rights.

The parties’ 5 year old son (Usher Raymond V) nearly drowned on August 5th when he tried to retrieve a toy in the pool and his arm got stuck in an underwater drain while Usher’s aunt was looking after their children. Foster has accused the aunt of other acts of negligence in the past.

Source:, “Usher’s Ex-Wife: Our Kids are in Danger – I Want Custody,” August 6, 2013

*Special thanks to Tommie-lyn Graves for assisting with this blog entry.  Ms. Graves is a paralegal intern from Heald College.