Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Divorce Final

Country music stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce has been finalized.

Shelton and Lambert were married in 2011. Shelton filed for divorce in Oklahoma state court two weeks ago and news of the couple’s split just broke on Monday.

The couple released the following joint statement: “This is not the future we envisioned. And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter.”

This Shelton’s second marriage. He divorced his first wife, Kaynette Gern, in 2006.

Source: ABC News, “Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Divorce Finalized,” Michael Rothman and Hunter Kelly, July 21, 2015

USC Football Coach’s Wife Files for Divorce

The wife of USC head football coach Steve Sarkisian has filed for divorce.

Stephanie Sarkisian filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court on April 20th. The couple has been married since 1997 and has 3 children together.

The Sarkisians issued a joint statement a few days ago: “It is our desire to protect the privacy of our children and each other. Our goal is to raise our children in a joint, cooperative style as caring and loving parents.”

Source:, “Steve Sarkisian – USC Football Coach’s Wife Files for Divorce,” April 28, 2015

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Wife to Divorce for a Second Time

The wife of Jean-Claude Van Damme has filed for divorce.

Gladys Portugues filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 18th. She is seeking spousal support.

The couple originally married in 1987 and ended their marriage in 1992. Van Damme and Portugues subsequently remarried in 1999. They have 2 adult children.

“The Muscles from Brussels” has been married 5 times to 4 different women: Maria Rodriguez from 1980 to 1984, Cynthia Derderian from 1985 to 1986, Gladys Portugues from 1987 to 1992, Darcy LaPier from 1994 to 1997, and Gladys Portugues since 1999.

Source:, “Jean-Claude Van Damme Divorce – Expendables 5 – The Wife Strikes Back,” March 20, 2015

Michelle Branch Files for Divorce

Singer-songwriter Michelle Branch has filed for divorce from Teddy Landau.

The couple has been married for 11 years. Branch is seeking joint custody of their 9 year old daughter (Owen Isabelle).

Branch and Landau have been separated for more than a year.

Source:, “Michelle Branch Files for Divorce [–] Goodbye to You,” February 18, 2015

Slash Files for Divorce

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has filed for divorce.

Slash (whose real name is Saul Hudson) filed for divorce from Perla Ferrar in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week. The couple has been married since 2001. They have two sons: London (age 12) and Cash (age 10).

Slash previously filed for divorce in 2010 but withdrew his divorce petition two months later when the couple reconciled. He is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their children.

Source:, “Slash Files for Divorce,” December 30, 2014

Neo-Nazi Loses Child Custody

A New Jersey man who admitted that he was a member of “Hitler’s Order” has lost custody of his 3 year old son.

The child was removed from his parents’ home in 2011 and his mother surrendered her parental rights last year. The state of New Jersey terminated the man’s parental rights of his three older children in 2012.

The state said that it attempted to provide the man with anger management, domestic violence, and marriage counseling, but he refused to comply. He also failed to attend a court hearing because he was fearful for his life and did not trust law enforcement to protect him “because law enforcement doesn’t care about someone with swastikas and tattoos.”

The man appealed the state court’s decision on the ground that the state made no efforts to find a non-Jewish psychologist. The appellate court found his argument “unpersuasive.”

Source: New Jersey Herald, “ ‘Hitler’s Order’ member loses child custody,” Associated Press, November 7, 2014

*Special thanks to Tonya Stewart for assisting with this story. Ms. Stewart is a paralegal intern from Heald College.

Oklahoma Oilman to Pay $1 Billion in Divorce Settlement

Harold Hamm was ordered by an Oklahoma state court to pay $999.5 million to his ex-wife to settle their divorce.

It was believed that Hamm was worth more than $11 billion and that he could be ordered to pay his ex-wife between $4 billion and $8 billion.

Harold and Sue Ann Hamm were married in 1988. Sue Ann claimed that she accompanied Harold to speaking engagements and helped him with his public speaking. In the mid-1990s, she headed the crude oil marketing department of Hamm’s company (Continental Resources).

Among the nearly $1 billion in assets awarded to Sue Ann, she received:
• The family home in Nichols Hill, Oklahoma worth $4.675 million
• A ranch in Carmel Valley, California worth $17.5 million
• A home in Enid, Oklahoma worth $800,000

Source: CNN Money, “Oil Tycoon to pay $1 billion divorce settlement,” Jillian Eugenios, November 10, 2014.

*Special thanks to Tonya Stewart for assisting with this story. Ms. Stewart is a paralegal intern from Heald College.

Halle Berry Seeks to Reduce Child Support Payments to Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry has filed a motion to reduce her child support payments to Gabriel Aubry, according to TMZ.

Berry and Aubry have a 6 year old daughter (Nahla) together and share joint child custody. Berry is paying $16,000 in monthly child support to Aubry and is seeking to reduce it to just over $3,000 per month.

Berry claims that Aubry has been content to live off child support and refuses to work, which is grounds for a reduction in child support.

Source:, “Halle Berry: Gabriel Aubry is a Bum – I Want Child Support SLASHED!”, October 16, 2014

Paula Patton Files for Divorce from Robin Thicke

Paula Patton has filed for divorce from Robin Thicke.

Patton filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The couple married in 2005 and have a 4 year old son together: Julian.

The couple separated in February according to court documents filed by Patton. Patton is seeking joint legal and physical custody of Julian.

Source:, “Paula Patton Files for Divorce From Robin Thicke,” October 8, 2014