C. Thomas Howell’s Wife Files for Divorce

The wife of actor C. Thomas Howell has filed for divorce.

Sylvie Howell filed for divorce in February in Los Angeles Superior Court. The couple has been married since 1992. They have 3 children together: Liam (age 14), Dashiell (19), and Isabelle (23). She is requesting joint legal and sole physical child custody of Liam as well as spousal support.

Howell stated through his publicist, Jeff Ballard, “We raised three beautiful children together … I will always wish her the best and look forward to what the future holds for both of us.”

Source: TMZ.com, “Ponyboy from ‘The Outsiders’ Wife Files for Divorce… Marriage Stays Silver, Not Gold,” March 7, 2016

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Wife to Divorce for a Second Time

The wife of Jean-Claude Van Damme has filed for divorce.

Gladys Portugues filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 18th. She is seeking spousal support.

The couple originally married in 1987 and ended their marriage in 1992. Van Damme and Portugues subsequently remarried in 1999. They have 2 adult children.

“The Muscles from Brussels” has been married 5 times to 4 different women: Maria Rodriguez from 1980 to 1984, Cynthia Derderian from 1985 to 1986, Gladys Portugues from 1987 to 1992, Darcy LaPier from 1994 to 1997, and Gladys Portugues since 1999.

Source: TMZ.com, “Jean-Claude Van Damme Divorce – Expendables 5 – The Wife Strikes Back,” March 20, 2015

Terrence Howard’s Divorce Finalized

Terrence Howard’s bitter divorce against Michelle Ghent is finally over.

A judge finalized the couple’s divorce this week and awarded 2 houses in Pennsylvania and 25 bank accounts to Howard. Ghent was ordered to return a 2011 Range Rover to Howard. She was allowed to keep a bike and a BMW. Howard was ordered to pay Ghent $5,800 per month in spousal support for 3 years.

Ghent filed for divorce in February 2011 after a year of marriage and accused Howard of physical abuse. Howard denied the charges and called Ghent a racist.

Source: TMZ.com, “Terrence Howard – Nasty Divorce War Over – Ex-Wife Gets Bicycle,” May 10, 2013

Wife of “Wings” Star Files for Divorce

The wife of actor Steven Weber has filed for divorce.

Juliette Hohnen filed for divorce from Weber in early February. The couple was married in 1995 and has two sons together (ages 10 and 12).

Hohnen contends that the couple separated in October 2012. She is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their children as well as spousal support.

This is Weber’s second marriage. He was previously married to actress Finn Carter

Source: TMZ.com, “ ‘Wings’ Star Steven Weber – Mayday, Mayday! My Marriage is Over,” March 4, 2013

Canadian Supreme Court Rules that Unmarried Quebec Couples Have No Alimony Rights

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that unmarried Quebec couples who live together do not have a right to spousal support.

The court ruled 5-4 that Quebec’s civil code is constitutional insofar as it does not provide for alimony rights for unmarried couples. Quebec is the only province in Canada that does not recognize “de facto” (or common law) marriages.

The ruling stems from a high profile case involving the split of a Quebec billionaire from his Brazilian common-law wife, who sought a $50 million lump sum payment and spousal support in the amount of $56,000 per month. The couple has three children together.

In November 2010, the Quebec Court of Appeal reversed a lower court ruling and held that Quebec’s civil code is unconstitutional because it discriminates against common-law partners by denying them the same spousal support rights enjoyed by married couples.

The Supreme Court of Canada disagreed, holding that Quebec’s law promotes autonomy. Justice Louis LeBel wrote, “The Quebec National Assembly has not favo[]red one form of union over another. The legislature has merely defined the legal content of the different forms of conjugal relationships. It has made consent the key to changing the spouses’ mutual patrimonial relationship. In this way, it has preserved the freedom of those who wish to organize their patrimonial relationships outside the mandatory statutory framework.”

31.5% of couples in Quebec are in de facto relationships. The national average in Canada is 12.1%. According to a 2011 census, about 60% of children in Quebec are born to unmarried couples.

Source: CBC News, “Unmarried Quebec couples have no right to alimony, court rules,” January 25, 2013

Brendan Fraser Seeks to Reduce Spousal and Child Support Payments to Ex-Wife

Actor Brendan Fraser is seeking to modify his spousal and child support payments to his former wife.

Fraser and Afton Smith separated in 2007 and their divorce was finalized in 2009. The couple has three sons.

Fraser is currently paying $75,000 per month in support to Smith. Fraser claims that he is not making as much money as he used to and he has medical issues that have hindered his earning capacity.

Fraser is due in court later this month.

Source: SF Gate.com, “Brendan Fraser wants alimony payments reduced,” Daily Dish, February 11, 2013

Divorce of Yankees’ General Manager Finalized

The divorce of the Yankees’ General Manager Brian Cashman has been finalized.

Cashman and his wife Mary Bresnan appeared in Family Court in Stamford, Connecticut on Tuesday to ratify their settlement and finalize their divorce. Bresnan reportedly will get to keep the couple’s $3.7 million home in Darien and will receive spousal support until October 2025 (unless she remarries before then).

The couple will have joint custody of their two children, Grace (14) and Theodore (9), and the kids will live with Bresnan.

Bresnan sought to end the couple’s marriage after she discovered that Cashman was having an affair with Louise Meanwell. Meanwell was indicted last year for extorting $6,000 from Cashman to keep quiet about the affair.

Source: New York Post, “Yankees GM Cashman’s divorced finalized,” Laurel Babcock, February 6, 2013

Atlanta Falcons Owner’s Wife Files for Divorce

The wife of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank has filed for divorce.

Stephanie Blank filed for divorce in Fulton County, Georgia after 16 years of marriage. The couple has three children.

Blank is the co-founder of Home Depot. He previously announced that he and his wife had separated in 2011. The couple reportedly has already reached a settlement regarding child custody, child and spousal support, and property division.

Blank’s net worth is rumored to be $1.3 billion.

Source: TMZ.com, “Atlanta Falcons Owner – My Wife is Finally Divorcing Me,” February 3, 2013

Buzz Aldrin’s Divorce Finalized

Buzz Aldrin’s divorce from Lois Driggs Cannon is now final.

The divorce became final shortly after Christmas. Aldrin filed for divorce in June 2011. The couple was married for 23 years and did not have any children.

According to TMZ, Cannon received half of a $475,000 bank account and half of Aldrin’s profits from his businesses, trademarks, and stocks. Aldrin also agreed to pay Cannon $9,500 in monthly spousal support and 30% of his annual income (which was estimated at more than $600,000).

This is Aldrin’s third marriage.

Source: TMZ.com, “Buzz Aldrin Officially Divorced,” January 7, 2013

“Real Housewives of OC” Star Files for Divorce

Former “Real Housewives of OC” star Lynne Curtin has filed for divorce from her husband Frank Curtin.

Curtin filed for divorce in Orange County Superior Court. The couple married in 1990 and separated in January 2012. They have two children together (who are no longer minors).

According to TMZ, Curtin is seeking spousal support but does not know the extent of the parties’ assets.

Source: TMZ.com, “ ‘Real Housewives of OC’ Star – Happy New Year… I’m Getting Divorced,” December 29, 2012